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2/14/2012 2:51 AM
Hi Team,
This time I am trying to create BLF's with the below code but no BLF are created on the UDP.
What am I doing wrong?
Version: CMShell 1.6.0

$UDP = $cm | Get-CMDeviceProfile $UDPNAME -Full
$UDP.BLFSpeedDials = @()

$BLF = $cm.CreateItem("BLFSpeedDial")
$BLF.Connection = $cm
$BLF.ASCIILabel = "Some User"
$BLF.Label = "Some User"
$BLF.Index = 1
$BLF.DeviceName = $UDPNAME
$BLF.DN = "1234"
$BLF.Partition = "Phones"

$UDP.BLFSpeedDials += $BLF.psobject.immediatebaseobject
$UDP = $UDP | Set-CMDeviceProfile

Please Advise.

EDIT - Add version.
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2/14/2012 4:52 PM

Hi Aaron,

What you're doing looks fine, but the BLFSpeedDials are currently read-only in CMShell.

Sorry for the inconvenience. We're currently working hard to implement full read/write support of all CUCM-objects for the upcoming release. You're bug reports help us a great deal with that.

We prepared a script that contains 2 script-cmdlets: Set-CMDeviceProfile_Fixed and New-CMDeviceProfile_Fixed. They will execute the normal CMShell-cmdlet, but in addition will perform a thin-axl update of the missing associations (BLFSpeedDials and also BLFDirectedCallParks). You can use these two cmdlets temporarily to update your deviceprofiles. After dot-sourcing the script to your session/script you can use the script-cmdlets like any other CMShell-cmdlet. Hopefully that will suffice for the time being.

You will find the script attached to this post. Please remove the .txt extension from the file before use.


Foxnet Helpdesk

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2/15/2012 2:09 AM
Wow Team,
What can I say, above and beyond.

I would have settled for: 'Available in the next release' :)

It worked a treat,
Thanks heaps,
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