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8/12/2008 11:51 AM

The instructions on the download page incorrectly instructed users to set the PowerShell execution policy to 'AllSigned'. Doing so wil result in an error when attempting to execute the packaged scripts. None of the packaged scripts will be signed until a final build is released. It is not advisable to install PowerShell with unrestricted script execution on a production server, therefore we strongly urge users to only test the CMShell Beta version in a lab environment.

The download page has been updated with the following instructions, but for detailed information please refer to the Admin Guide.


Download and install Windows Powershell. Start PowerShell command window and set location to the CMShell extraction path

PS > cd [CMShellPath]

Set the execution policy if needed

PS > Set-ExecutionPolicy -Unrestricted

Register the CMShell snapin

PS > .\Install.ps1


Add the snapin to the session

PS > Add-PSSnapin CMShell

Start an interactive demonstration

PS > .\Demo.ps1

HomeHomeCMShellCMShellGeneralGeneral'Getting Started' correction

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