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11/18/2012 7:01 PM

Trying to add remote destinations (+profiles)

Is this not yet supported with this great tool?


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11/19/2012 10:38 AM

Hi Jakke,

The specialized 'write' cmdlets for Remote Destination and Remote Destination Profile are implemented in CMShell versions 1.4.0 and up (New/Set/Remove-CMRemoteDestination*). However, support of these cmdlets is limited to CM8x adapters (you can connect to CUCM 9.0 with CM8x adapter by applying the 'Force' parameter). For now, if you are on 6.x or 7.x train the 'Set-CMSql' cmdlet is your only option to update the CUCM database using CMShell.

If you're not familiar with thin AXL operations please consult Cisco documentation. Feel free to post to this thread if you have any questions or run into problems.

Note that 'read' cmdlets (Get-CMRemoteDestination*) are implemented in CMShell versions 1.2.0+ for all applicable CUCM trains.

New Post
5/24/2014 8:01 PM

 Hey Guys,

I too am trying to get Remote Destination Profiles > Remote destinations to be more automated based on some external triggers.

When I debug the AXL Service I can see the query inbound for the Get-CMRemoteDestinationProfile which helps me understand the SQL statement and table relationships.

When looking at the New-CMRemoteDestinationProfile syntax however, I am not clear on how the parameters are passed into the request.

For instance:


New-CMRemoteDestinationProfile -InputObject <Object[]> -Connection <CMConnection> [-WhatIf] [-Confirm] [<CommonParameters>]


Is the input object supposed to be a delimited file?

I was considering serializing the XML from another query as input here but I am not clear on what the commandlet is after.

I am working on an Identity management project with automation requirements.. Part of the challenge has been to automate tedious repeated tasks where possible.

Single number reach has become increasingly popular and the burden on the voice team has risen proportionate to this demand.

While this is not high on the list of priorities, it would be a huge win if I was able to accommodate the request.

What you have here seems to get us that much closer to getting that done. Is there any plan to continue the development of these tools?

Impressive work so far!

Thank you very much!


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